EGS Geobags

1.What is Geobags?

The EGS Geobag is a bag made of needling non-woven fabric. Therefore, it is mainly made of polypropylene (PP) or polyester fiber (PET) as raw materials. Geotextile bag is one of the most widely used materials in modern slope protection engineering. The main application scenarios are slope protection greening, barren hills, mine repair, bank slope protection, river regulation and so on.

2.What kinds of Geobags do we have?

EGS offers various types of bags as below:

PP Black Geobag 40*80cm
PP Green Geobag 40*80cm
PET Black Geobag 40*80cm
PET Green Geobag 40*80cm
Material Gram weight:150g/m2

Other sizes and properties can be customized by request.

What is Geobags used for?

What are the advantages of using Geobags?

  • Resistance to acid and alkali
  • Corrosion resistant, freeze-thaw
  • Resistance and UV resistance
  • Resistant to biodegradation and animal damage
  • Environmentally friendly

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Price: from USD 0.9/m²

Price: from USD 0.9/m²

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