PP Biaxial Geogrid

What is biaxial geogrid?

  • PP Biaxial Geogrid is the most popular geogrid on the market and is favored by many engineers. Many international manufacturers are famous for this, such as Tensar Trixial geogrids, ACEgrid, and so on. EGS also produces high-quality geogrids. Although our brand is not as well-known as them, our advantage lies in customization and cost control.

It is a kind of soil reinforcement geosynthetics product that is made of polypropylene(PP) as the raw materials, anti-aging, and anti-ultraviolet additives as auxiliary materials. the production process can be simply summarized as mixing-heating-extrusion-punching-stretching-reel.  PP biaxial Geogrid is also called stretch geogrid for its manufacturing process.

  • Performance analysis: 1. It has a large tensile strength (60kN /M) in both XD and MD, which can provide strong and effective bearing capacity in soft soil foundation, and forms an overall linkage bearing system with soil, which is widely used in the reinforcement treatment of road foundation. 2. Yield elongation is about 12%

What specifications do we have?

What is geogrid used for?

  • Geogrid can help reinforce the old asphalt concrete pavement so as to stabilize the asphalt surface.
  • Biaxial geogrid is suitable for retaining wall construction 
  • Geogrid can be used with geotextile and geocells as soil reinforcement.
  • Geogrid can also be used as a ranch fence, many farmers in China use geogrid to prevent chickens, ducks from escaping.
  • The geogrid can also be used as a gabion net on the riverside.


What are advantages of using pp biaxial geogrid?

  • Easy to install
  • Reduce cost and time
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Up to 70 years of service life

Why should you choose EGS Geosolutions?

  1. We are professional. EGS has been active in the field of plastic products also geosynthetics products for decades. CE marking &CNAS &CRCC and IGS, TAG membership.
  2. We are competitive. Thanks to cheaper labor costs and land rents in China, EGS has a natural advantage over the United States and other European countries.
  3. We are outstanding among Chinese manufacturers too. In addition to these comparative advantages, our equipment is more advanced and production efficiency is higher. Therefore, for the same product, our price has an advantage.
  4. Fast delivery, flexible payment, long-time after service.

How does pp biaxial geogrid make?

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