PP Non-Woven Geotextile

What is non-woven geotextile?

Geotextile can be divided into two categories which are woven and nonwoven geotextile. Here, EGS-NTEX is a non-woven geotextile made using Needle punch technology. The main production polymer is 100% polypropylene (PP). Non-woven geotextile fabrics can provide separation and stabilization, subsurface drainage, filtration, and cushioning. It is widely used to construct soil reinforcement, tretaining structures, linear constructions, waste deposits, drainage systems, etc.

What kinds of non-woven geotextile do we have?

What is non-woven geotextile used for?

When we talk about the application of geosynthetics, seven major functions that we must curve in our mind which is drainage, filtration, protection, reinforcement, separation, surface erosion control, barrier. (2021)

While Non-woven geotextile functions include five out of seven: drainage, filtration, protection, reinforcement, separation. Geotextile is the most widely used geosynthetic material in the world. The following are the most-seen application of geotextiles:
1.Geotextile below geocell for drainage and filtration
2.Geotextile for Separation below geogrid
3.Road Support

Geotextile below geocell

Geotextile for Separation below geogrid

Road Support

What are the advantages of using geotextile?

  • Easy to install
  • Reduce cost and time
  • Environmentally friendly

Why should you choose EGS Geosolutions?

  1. We are professional. EGS has been active in the field of plastic products also geosynthetics products for decades. CE marking &CNAS &CRCC and IGS, TAG membership.
  2. We are competitive. Thanks to cheaper labor costs and land rents in China, EGS has a natural advantage over the United States and other European countries.
  3. We are outstanding among Chinese manufacturers too. In addition to these comparative advantages, our equipment is more advanced and production efficiency is higher. Therefore, for the same product, our price has an advantage.
  4. Fast delivery, flexible payment, long-time after service.

EGS-NWTEX-PP is made of 100% polypropylene; EGS-NWTEX-PET is made of 100% polyester. Different material decides the different price. EGS-NWTEX-PP is a little expensive than EGS-NWTEX-PET.

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Price: from USD 0.9/m²

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