How Do I Choose A Geocell

Do Not Know What Kinds of Geocell You Need, Check This Out

People are confused when then they see the datasheet of Geocells. Indeed, there are too many specifications that make us go nuts. But, if you understand the principles we conclude below, you can make your choice easily.

Brief Introduction 

Geocell is known as Cellular Confinement Systems, it is an advanced geosynthetics invented by Presto Geosystem. It has been proved a trustable solution to soil stabilization, slope protection, channel clinging, retaining walls, etc. EGS Geosolutions are a professional geocell manufacture from China. And we are committed to becoming a great multinational company like Presto Geosystem, Strata Geosystems, and PRS Geotechnologies.

The ratio of slope matters

In the application of geocell slope protection, we should at least consider the slope angle, geocell sheet height, geocell welding distance three factors.

For projects with slope angles greater than 1:1, Geocell with larger sheet height and smaller welding distance should be selected. (Recommended Geocell Specifications 356-100-1.5mm

For projects with slope angles less than 3:1, geocell with smaller sheet heights and larger weld distances can be selected. (Recommended Geocell Specifications712-100-1.5mm

Degree of the hardness of subgrade

In the construction of roadbeds, we should fully consider the quality of the foundation conditions. Geocell is very suitable for soft soil roadbeds such as sand roads because it can play a very obvious three-dimensional restraint of its grid. Because the sand has higher mobility, the destruction of the rigidity of the road base is larger, so we should choose the geocell with large sheet strength, high sheet height, and large sheet friction, and only in this way can the mobility of the soft foundation of the sand be fully restricted.

In the plain area, the road subgrade is relatively stable and strong, the rigidity of the base itself is relatively high, and the mobility is relatively poor. Under this condition, the geocell with a smaller sheet height can be selected for construction.

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