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Geocell Wall Connectors

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1.What is Geocell Wall Connectors?

Geocell connector is an indispensable accessory when you source a larger mount of geocell sections. Of course, someone uses U-shaped steel bars to connect the cells. However, this is not the best method recommended. The geocell connector uses the same material as the geocell. Therefore, it will not corrode underground, thereby maintaining the integrity of the cell sheet.

2.What kinds of geomembrane do we have?

EGS provides three different CSS Connectors:
  • Connector Type A  (Connection Bolt)
  • Connector Type B (Connection Key)
  • Connector Type C (U-shape Connector)
  • 3. Which one should I use?

    This depends on the shape of the openings in the cell sheet. If it is a round hole, it is recommended to use Type A or Type c. Otherwise, Type B.

    Why should you choose EGS Geosolutions?

    1. We are professional. EGS has been active in the field of plastic products also geosynthetics products for decades. CE marking &CNAS &CRCC and IGS, TAG membership.
    2. We are competitive. Thanks to cheaper labor costs and land rents in China, EGS has a natural advantage over the United States and other European countries.
    3. We are outstanding among Chinese manufacturers too. In addition to these comparative advantages, our equipment is more advanced and production efficiency is higher. Therefore, for the same product, our price has an advantage.
    4. Fast delivery, flexible payment, long-time after service.

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