GCL Geosynthetic Clay Liner

1.What is geomembrane?

GCL Geosynthetic Clay Liner is a kind of geosynthetic material used in artificial lakes and water features, landfills, underground garages, roof gardens, pools, oil depots and chemical dumps, etc. It is made of high expansion of sodium bentonite filled in a special composite geotextile and non-woven fabric between the needle-punching method into the bentonite impermeable mat can form many small fiber space, is the bentonite particles can not flow like a direction. When water is encountered, a uniform high-density gel-like waterproof layer is formed in the mat, effectively preventing water leakage.

2.What kinds of GCL Geosynthetic Clay Liner do we have?

1surfaceEven surface,uniform thickness,no hole,damage edge,broken needle.
2GCL unit weight(g/m2)≥4000
3swell index(ml/2g)≥24≥24≥24
4ethylene blue absorption(g /100g )≥30≥30≥30
5tensile strength(N/100mm)≥600≥700≥600
6elongation at max load(%)≥10≥10≥8
7peel strength(N/100mm)non woven geotextile and woven geotextile≥40≥40
PE film and non woven geotextile≥30
8fluid loss(ml)≤18≤18≤18
9durability of bentonite(ml/2g )≥20≥20≥20

  Note: GCL-NP, Needle punched process GCL
            GCL-OF, Needle punched and cocoon process GCL
            GCL-AH, Viscose process GCL

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