Dimple Board

1.What is Dimple Board?

Drainage board is a new geosynthetic material, it is made of polystyrene (HIPS) or polyethylene (HDPE). Due to the different stamping die, the shape of the protruding part can be made into a conical protruding platform or a convex point of the rib reinforced.

Dimple Board for Interior Drains protects against incoming water seeping from cove joints (where the wall meets the floor), concrete block or cracks in poured concrete walls. Placed on the footer, Dimple Board channels water beneath the slab and to the basement’s interior drain system.

Drainage boards have different names in different regions of China, such as filter board, drain board, water board, permeable board, water storage board. It also has different names in countries around the world, such as Dimple Mat, Dimple Membrane, Drain Board. In essence, drainage board is a kind of plastic products widely used in residential road, garage top floor and roof greening.

2.What kinds of Dimple Boarad do we have?

specification dimple borad
  • Board height: 1 cm 1.6 cm 2 cm 2.5 cm 3 cm 4 cm 5 cm 6 cm
  • Quality grade: Recycle material, Virgin material
  • Color: black, green, white

What is Dimple Boarad used for?

  • Ground (floor) drainage engineering
  • Roof greening drainage engineering
  • Roof garden drainage engineering.

What are the advantages of using Dimple Boarad?

  • water conduction and drainage
    The unique concave-convex hollow vertical bar structure of the drainage protection plate can quickly and effectively drain the rainwater and greatly reduce or even eliminate the hydrostatic pressure of the waterproof layer.
  • Protect the building
    Drainage protection plate can effectively protect the structure and waterproof layer, and resist all kinds of soil acid and alkali and plant root thorns. It can protect the building and waterproof layer from damage when the basement exterior wall is backfilled.
  • Reduce noise
    The laboratory data show that the polyethylene (HDPE) and PVC (PVC) waterproof and drainage protection board can effectively reduce the indoor noise of 14 decibels, 500Hz, with obvious noise reduction and sound insulation function.
  • Win-win
    Polyethylene (HDPE) polystyrene (PVC) drainage board material itself is a good waterproof material, so that the drainage board becomes a good auxiliary waterproof material.

Why should you choose EGS Geosolutions?

  • We are professional. EGS has been active in the field of plastic products also geosynthetics products for decades. CE marking &CNAS &CRCC and IGS, TAG membership.
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