CONCRETE CANVASS is designed specifically for erosion control, containment, and shelter applications.

CONCRETE CANVASS also called Cement Blanket products are part of a revolutionary class of new, innovative materials called Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mats (GCCMs). CC is a flexible, concrete-filled geosynthetic which provides a thin and durable concrete layer when hydrated. Typically, 10-times faster to install than conventional concrete solutions.


CC 10Kg/Sqm

$ 11.9 Fob Qingdao
  • Roll Width:1.0m
  • Roll Length: 50m
  • MOQ:100 Sqm

CC 12Kg/Sqm

$ 13.9 Fob Qingdao
  • Roll Width:1.0m
  • Roll Length: 50m
  • MOQ:100 Sqm

CC 15Kg/Sqm

$ 16.9 Fob Qingdao
  • Roll Width:1.0m
  • Roll Length: 50m
  • MOQ:100 Sqm

*The final price is subject to contract.

What is CONCRETE CANVASS Used for?

Concrete blanket CB8 CB10mm is widely used in the below areas:
1)Channel lining- Ditch lining, Canal lining, Agricultural irrigation channels
2)Slope protection- Embankments, Outfall Protection, Slope Facing
3)Remediation-Cement Repair, cement Resurfacing, Lagoon Lining, Culvert Lining, Reservoir Lining
4)Weed Suppression-Weed Control, Vegetation Control

What are the advantages of using CONCRETE CANVASS?

1. Easy construction.
Completed in only 4 steps: Cutting, laying, lapping, hydrating. No need for large machinery. Available in rolls or in bulk easy
for transportation, handling, and installation.
2. Fireproof and UV resistant.
Classification of combustion properties of building materials and products: Class A.
UV aging resistance: 500 hours>95% strength retention
3. Eco-friendly and low carbon.
Compared with traditional methods, the amount of gravel is greatly reduced, and the CO2 is reduced by more than 90%.
4. Eco-friendly.
No need to deal with the foundation, adapt to deformation.
5. Labor and time-saving.
The efficiency can reach 400 m2 /day, work can be done by only 2 people, the tools are simple, no professional technology is needed. Rapid prototyping in any shape without multiple curing.
6. Strong and sturdy.
Compressive/reflex strength > C 30 concrete. Durable for 50 years.
7. Low cost.
Reduce labor costs and appliance costs. No cracking, settlement, and dislocation.


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